Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy-ism post 22

Hi again,
Hope you all had a good Easter! I went to Florida for break and I thought about my project a lot. I took some good pictures and videos of great happy spirit to prove. There is a small jazz band that my family and I go to every year. The people playing the instruments are at least 70 years old. The drummer is 92 and played in one of Elvis Prestley's music videos. The audience is very old too, yet they are very full of spirit. I thought this would be a great reflection on all of my Happy-ism categories. I truly believe that the music that surrounds them and the life they live keep them healthy. The band is a great example I can add in my slides. The pictures and videos are great!
 I have come to the point where I can't really prove some categories. And since my topic of my speech is going to be focused on how all things effect happiness, it should work out. I made a diagram that explains the process of happy-ism which also explains the main topic. I  should focus on this a lot in my speech. 
I didn't get to making my slides over break but my plan is to finish them by Friday. I can always add some things if I want. 
I am going to donate 10-12 inches of my hair soon! I really wanted to give something big, other than food or something like that. This is proving the giving aspect of the categories! 
I really have liked my project because it has taught me to think about things like happiness and take everything else away. 
Hopefully I can get Microsoft PowerPoint working again at my house so I can get my slides finished. It would be a big accomplishment and then I can see what I should add before it's too late. I can't believe how fast the speech time has come! Hopefully my organization of my thoughts will go well when putting it all together. 
Until nextime, 

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  1. Hey Grace!

    It sounds like you had a great vacation! I am glad you had a nice time :)

    I think that it is great that you were thinking about your project over break and seeing examples of happy-isms in the world around you. This proves that you truly are passionate about your project and that it has opened your eyes to looking at the world in a different way. Seeing happiness in the world around you is a great perspective! I hope that you continue to see this and that your project comes together nicely, which I am sure it will :)