Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy-ism Post 21

Hello all!
21st post already. The presentation is later on next month! I have decided what I'm going to talk about.
Throughout my thinking, I have came to the idea in which all aspects can effect so many things to make someone a happy person. One thing can change another. This will be based on my categories I have said. If you think about it, each category is put together to make the feeling and they create a chain reaction of each other. I will say how some things are intentionally done and make some one happy, while others are just the reaction of things. But the intentional happiness creates reactions. Inversely, reactions create intentional happiness. 

I have taken something impossible to prove and squeezed something out of it. I tried to give a sense of happiness and "solve the science" of it. I created a kind of tangable form of happiness, called happy-ism. In the end, though, happiness is simply happiness. 

My project is ironic because my last name is Moody. This week I passed out my surveys testing weather and if it changes the mood of someone. I gave them out to people on a foggy, cloudy day. The problem is that there are so many variables that can go along. Again, it's just the chain reaction of happiness and the point of my speech. I tried to keep the surveys quick and easy to fill out, payed attention to the style of print(whatif that had something to do with the results), and the exact day I would hand out. I asked them their age, the weather, mood on a scale of 1-10, mood in one word, level of stress, and I asked how the weather made them feel. The results varied. Some said they had a very low level in mood with high level of stress, some said no stress, high mood, high mood and stress...and so on. It's a very sensitive subject to work on and test. I will do it again on a day with different weather/places/days of the week. So many things I could do to take this farther. I will do some more of this when I'm in Florida for spring break. 

Also for the things I need to "test" more but really can't test with an experiment, such as loved and be loved or understandment and accomplishment-I can easily say how these thigs come along with the intentional happiness or the reaction happiness. In this case, both examples would be a reaction happiness. More terms to organize my thoughts. I can make some categories be triggered by reaction and other by intentional doings. But it's all Happy-ism! I'm really growing to love that word. 

Here's a visual to what this "Happy-ism" is all about:

In my PowerPoint slides I will give my audience explanations like these along with stories. I am excited to make the slides because it will bring all my thoughts together. The power points are due in 3 weeks. Florida would be a place to do things too because it seems like everyone's happy there. Maybe in Florida I can take pictures for my slides that give a happy feeling. A question for this would be, Why are they thought to be "happy"? It will make my presentation more fun to watch. I want it to be unordinary. After all, I am the student who chose a happiness project. Might as well make the project part happy too. My biggest fear when doing my presentation is starting to stutter and completely drawing a blank on everything I'm going to say. Basically the worst thing that can happen. I get like that when pressure is on. I will continue to do things that will benefit my explanation. I hope everything will work out! 
Until next time!
"Happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with them." 

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  1. Hi Grace,
    I am excited that your presentation is coming up! You have some awesome findings to share with your classmates. I think you made an interesting point when you said, "But the intentional happiness creates reactions. Inversely, reactions create intentional happiness." It is fascinating to think that we can increase other people's happiness through our own happiness that we experience. Happiness is contagious! :)
    I think that having a PowerPoint to outline your categories will be a helpful way to depict for your audience your process and to help them appreciate all of the time and thought you have put into your work. As far as being nervous to present, that is totally normal. If you practice, especially in front of an audience (friends, family), that will help :) That always is helpful for me when I am preparing for a presentation. You will get the hang of it, and I am confident that you will do a wonderful job!

    Leanna :)