Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy-ism post 20

Hi again,
These past two weeks I have been trying to focus on one person's mood by changing different things in their life. I tested talking more in class and to random strangers- it can give you energy and get your mind going. This can really change one's happiness. Since last time, I talked about flaws people have that hold people back. For me, organization is a big one. Keeping your mind straight is something I have found that brings you into a happy mood. Also I believe that mood is connected to people around everyone.
I have made the questions testing weather amd mood that I will hand out to my dad's work, my mom's work, and people my age. I will give out the survey twice: one day on a dreary weather day, and another day on a sunny spring day later on.

-what is your age? (To see if there is a difference in age as a variable)
-what is your mood in one word?
On a scale of 1-10....
-what is your current energy level?
-current level of stress?
-does your mood seem to reflect the weather? Yes/No

I will hand out as many as I can until next post.

I case you forgot what the happy-ism categories are that I am trying to prove, here they are!

Categories of Happy-ism:
1. Understandment or accomplishment
2. Feeling noticed or needed
3. Joyful spirit and optimism
4. Something different or satisfactction with what you are doing
5. Relieved or helped
6. Know you did something good
7. To love and be loved
8. Feeling your best

So far, here is my reflection of what I proved for each category:

1. ?
2. working with folks at nursing home and giving surprises 
3. caroling,reminding people to be positive
4. Bringing change up to things
5. helping people at nursing home, helping people around houses
6. I will donate my hair
7. Can't really prove with an experiment
8.  Changing flaws in someone's personal life, seeing weather and mood connection (will do with survey)

After reflecting on this myself, I have to prove the accomplishment and understand net (#1)
And I want to touch on every one of them a bit more. Especially helping people by reaching out to other things. Ideas that I have said in the past have not worked with each category. 
Any suggestions I can do? My goal for the rest of the project is to reach out more to different people.

On my free time, I have been researching other people's experiments on being happy. 
This website has the same idea as me with different ways people are happy. 
Yet it seems they didn't follow through with their experiments.
Also this website says what people happier people do differently. 
My categories have a lot that are in these theories. 

For my speech, I want to focus on the idea that everyone should understand that people should be more openly minded of being happy in everyday life whether it is helping someone, or just fixing yourself. Although I'm not sure yet. 

"Always laugh when you can. It's cheaper than medicine" 


  1. I think what you're doing is awesome. its helping a lot of people and you should keep it up good job

  2. Hi Grace,

    As I have said before, you are doing a great job! I am so impressed with your enthusiasm and passion for your project, as well as your creativity.

    I have a couple ideas for some of the categories :) Maybe for category one (understanding and accomplishment) you could somehow interview your fellow classmates. You could maybe ask them about how they feel after they complete an assignment or do well on a test. If people feel good, or accomplished, after taking a test or finishing something, is this true happiness or is it a sense of relief? If is it just a sense of relief, is this really happiness? I discussed this in a philosophy paper I wrote, and I am pretty sure I used a quote from Barbara Ehrenreich who inspired me to think about this question. She is an author and wrote a book called "Bright-Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America."

    My other thought is that maybe the experiment where you worked at the nursing home could also relate to your category 7, "to love or be loved." How did the people feel when you sang them carols/spent time with them? Or when you helped your friend with her music career? Maybe there is a way that you could think about how you were showing them love and how they felt receiving the love. You could even think about all of the experiments you have done and somehow relate them to category 7 by thinking about how you were showing love to people and how they responded to it.

    Just some thoughts! :) Keep up the great work,

  3. I love your enthusiasm for creating happiness. You said:"everyone should understand that people should be more openly minded of being happy" I believe you are spot on Mindfulness is a very important thing!