Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy-ism post 19

So this week I have been focusing on the behavior of one person by changing my habits. I stopped and looked at my personality downfalls. I am not an organized person at all. My room is messy all the time, and papers are everywhere shoved in my backpack and locker. I started the week with a clean room to start this habit changing week. I also aimed for a goal to participate more in all my classes! Usually I am not the best person for participation. I thought about some of my happy-ism categories, and not participating would completely break some of them! So I'll see how this turns out. Will it have me do better in class? Make time go by faster? It just may. I like this idea of focusing on one persons changing of habits for the time being. Hopefully I will keep doing this experiment because it puts me into a better attitude. Also, within the topic of creating yourself, I feel people should worry less on bad things. Success comes to those who aren't worried for the result. For example, wrote this blog once and it didn't save so I had to re-do it. How frustrating. But it's ok.
I also added one more happy-ism category! It's feeling your best! Now that I added this one, everything that makes people happy falls under one category! I thought of this from the idea of the habit changing experiment. Google Docs has really been a big help with writing my book. It is so much more accessable.
I also want to do an experiment of the weather change. That one should be intresting! And it's the perfect time to because we are just coming out of winter.
The ice age is over! Which means soccer season, and a lot more sunshine. Also I can ride my bike everywhere! I love riding my bike, I feel free like I can do anything I want. Also my house is near the sunrise nursing home so I can visit there more often.
When spring comes, I want to put together a garden at a public place.
My teacher is assigning these blog posts every other week now. Yet they help me a lot with organizing my thoughts and push me to do more. So I might do a post 19 and a half to keep me going.
Wish me luck the next week, I hope for it to be a good one!
"Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself." -unknown (and being happy along the way!)


  1. Hello! I'm a student from Texas and was told to read your blog because our class is going to attempt a 20 time project as well! I really loved Your idea of helping yourself by helping others. I also like how you describe what you do in an excited manner, rather than talking about them as if you dread them. I think your project is wonderful! keep it up!

  2. Hi Grace,

    I hope you are doing well :)

    Your post this week made me think of something that I have learned through some of my job training in college. We talked about focusing on our strengths rather than on our weaknesses. I think this is a great approach to ourselves; even though there are definitely things we would all like to work on, we all have awesome strengths that we should focus on and find things that play to our strengths.

    I also like your thoughts on participating more in class. I know that when I try to participate, the class is definitely more engaging, and I get more out of the lesson. Plus, your classmates will have the opportunity to hear the wonderful things you have to say! :)

    Keep up the great work,