Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy-ism post 17

Hello again,
I broke into doing more things at sunrise where my grandma is staying. I have found that just being with someone can make you happy the most.
A big part of my project all along has been just thinking of happy things and how an action can effect one thing, which is something everyone needs to learn.
Also I put on a surprise birthday party for my cousin. Showing that being noticed and special can really make a change.
I emailed the contact for going to Fox News. Lets see if I can go there! That would be cool, because then I can go into an intresting environment.
I want to go to the craft store to make a visual of everything; kind of a branch off of my book.
An idea for an upcoming experiment would be buying a $5 gift card somewhere and asking the cashier to save it for someone later on in the line. It's something no one really does so I think that would be fun to see their reaction!
In my sociology class, we are learning about social norms and how people are set into doing certain things. These social norms are formed by culture we are surrounded by and human interaction. I think bad things are sometimes in effect to the social norms. It is everyone's responsibility to know their own path of thinking the right thing. We had to do an experiment for class that broke social norms. All the things that students did caused a "you're weird" reaction. Why is it so weird to be different, even when the action makes sense? My biggest problem with this project is reaching out to things that people wouldn't normally reach out to.
I wish the world was more interconnected, other than technology.
I have noticed that I want to change things in parts of the Happy-ism book. Even my definition for happy-ism has changed a bit and there has been more I want to add to it. I will continue to write it, slowly but surely!
This break really gave me a change up and a refresher, which everyone needs to be happy. One of the happy-ism categories!
Also my teacher mentioned taking pictures will help a lot for the final presentation. I should probably start taking pictures!
Until next week,

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  1. Hi Grace,

    How nice of you to plan a surprise party for your cousin! I am sure that meant so much to her.

    What types of things would you like to ask the people at Fox News? That would be awesome if you could go there!

    I agree with you that I wish people were more interconnected; I wish they would do nice things for one another "just because" and to spread love and kindness to one another, like with your idea to give someone a gift card at the store. If I received a random gift card I would feel so great, but I would feel even more awesome if I were the one giving it!

    What do you have in your book so far?