Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy-ism post 16

Hello all, 
Well the past week has not been the greatest, productive wise because I have been so busy. I am trying to make it up by writing more.  I can't wait until mid winter break when I can do something everyday. Or big things that I am talking about like going to Fox News. It has been really hard. I am doing something every minute of the day. I have been thinking about my presentation lately. How should I take it? Preaching about all my ideas would be one idea, but my teacher wants a more basic idea overviewing everything. Just a thought, but what if I made my presentation interesting by focusing on each category and possibly testing a small experiment on the audience. I can make my point then say what I need to say. It would be harder to test some categories on the audience under a small period of time though. It could be organized really well if I put in the thinking!  I just thought it would make it interesting and unique. My whole idea of my project is in the interaction of people, right? 
I learned something yesterday about typing things on the computer. I had to write a Faust legend for class, turned out to be 5 pages long. I can't work on the computer for some reason. So I had to copy the notebook page that I was writing on, and onto the computer, and it took forever!  How am I supposed to type all that I have written from my notebook and onto a document for my book?! I don't have a laptop available to use. I really have to consider the time stretch before I put my self from stressing out like I did for only a 5 page story.  
If I haven't mentioned, I want to put the book on iBooks hopefully so anyone can read it! It would be a good idea to make it cost something so I can make a final good thing to donate it somewhere for my project. But I will figure it out when I know it is worth something. It is really hard to write a book! The hardest part is just finding time! I am sorry for the unproductively this week, I have really thinking about it a lot! Thank you for your comments, it is really helping me with making decisions and even just for a confidence boost! 
Until next time!


  1. Hi Grace,

    I think that including class participation in your presentation would be an excellent idea. It would get your classmates engaged in the presentation, and it would also give them a picture of what you have been working on with the happy-isms throughout your project.

    Have you heard of It is a site where you can do online polls using your cell phone and the results instantly come up on the computer. I am not sure exactly how it works, but your teacher might be familiar with it. That might be something cool you could use as part of your presentation if you asked your classmates a meaningful question that they could then respond to.

    Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Leanna,
    I checked out! I did this before in one of my classes. It would be cool to do at the presentation! And I also am thinking about making a scrapbook kind of book also, like you suggested. I can make it really creatively decorative. Thanks for all your ideas! I got my first butterflies in my stomach after my teacher was talking about the presentation. I'm nervous but I hope everything goes ok!

  3. Hi Grace,

    I am happy to help! I love scrapbooks, and it could be a great visual of your experiences with this project. How have your experiments been going?

    Also, your class is doing a TED talk, correct? Are you excited for it?

    Talk to you soon,


    1. Hi Leanna,
      I love scrapbooks too! It would be fun to make one to go along with the book. My book isn't going to be too long though.
      Yes we are doing a TED talk! But only 15 students from all classes get to speaks at it. I'm speaking in front of the whole auditorium regardless. I am very nervous as you can imagine because it's coming up in the beginning of June. I am trying to do as many experiments as I can and writing a bit about what I reflect on.

    2. Hi Grace,
      That is so exciting! I am sure it will be a great experience to present to your school; it will be great practice with public speaking and be a great way for you to share, and inspire, your peers with your ambition and happy-isms you have done. I am sure years from now you will look back at this project and still feel very proud of all your hard work :)