Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy-ism Post 21

Hello all!
21st post already. The presentation is later on next month! I have decided what I'm going to talk about.
Throughout my thinking, I have came to the idea in which all aspects can effect so many things to make someone a happy person. One thing can change another. This will be based on my categories I have said. If you think about it, each category is put together to make the feeling and they create a chain reaction of each other. I will say how some things are intentionally done and make some one happy, while others are just the reaction of things. But the intentional happiness creates reactions. Inversely, reactions create intentional happiness. 

I have taken something impossible to prove and squeezed something out of it. I tried to give a sense of happiness and "solve the science" of it. I created a kind of tangable form of happiness, called happy-ism. In the end, though, happiness is simply happiness. 

My project is ironic because my last name is Moody. This week I passed out my surveys testing weather and if it changes the mood of someone. I gave them out to people on a foggy, cloudy day. The problem is that there are so many variables that can go along. Again, it's just the chain reaction of happiness and the point of my speech. I tried to keep the surveys quick and easy to fill out, payed attention to the style of print(whatif that had something to do with the results), and the exact day I would hand out. I asked them their age, the weather, mood on a scale of 1-10, mood in one word, level of stress, and I asked how the weather made them feel. The results varied. Some said they had a very low level in mood with high level of stress, some said no stress, high mood, high mood and stress...and so on. It's a very sensitive subject to work on and test. I will do it again on a day with different weather/places/days of the week. So many things I could do to take this farther. I will do some more of this when I'm in Florida for spring break. 

Also for the things I need to "test" more but really can't test with an experiment, such as loved and be loved or understandment and accomplishment-I can easily say how these thigs come along with the intentional happiness or the reaction happiness. In this case, both examples would be a reaction happiness. More terms to organize my thoughts. I can make some categories be triggered by reaction and other by intentional doings. But it's all Happy-ism! I'm really growing to love that word. 

Here's a visual to what this "Happy-ism" is all about:

In my PowerPoint slides I will give my audience explanations like these along with stories. I am excited to make the slides because it will bring all my thoughts together. The power points are due in 3 weeks. Florida would be a place to do things too because it seems like everyone's happy there. Maybe in Florida I can take pictures for my slides that give a happy feeling. A question for this would be, Why are they thought to be "happy"? It will make my presentation more fun to watch. I want it to be unordinary. After all, I am the student who chose a happiness project. Might as well make the project part happy too. My biggest fear when doing my presentation is starting to stutter and completely drawing a blank on everything I'm going to say. Basically the worst thing that can happen. I get like that when pressure is on. I will continue to do things that will benefit my explanation. I hope everything will work out! 
Until next time!
"Happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with them." 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Happy-ism post 20

Hi again,
These past two weeks I have been trying to focus on one person's mood by changing different things in their life. I tested talking more in class and to random strangers- it can give you energy and get your mind going. This can really change one's happiness. Since last time, I talked about flaws people have that hold people back. For me, organization is a big one. Keeping your mind straight is something I have found that brings you into a happy mood. Also I believe that mood is connected to people around everyone.
I have made the questions testing weather amd mood that I will hand out to my dad's work, my mom's work, and people my age. I will give out the survey twice: one day on a dreary weather day, and another day on a sunny spring day later on.

-what is your age? (To see if there is a difference in age as a variable)
-what is your mood in one word?
On a scale of 1-10....
-what is your current energy level?
-current level of stress?
-does your mood seem to reflect the weather? Yes/No

I will hand out as many as I can until next post.

I case you forgot what the happy-ism categories are that I am trying to prove, here they are!

Categories of Happy-ism:
1. Understandment or accomplishment
2. Feeling noticed or needed
3. Joyful spirit and optimism
4. Something different or satisfactction with what you are doing
5. Relieved or helped
6. Know you did something good
7. To love and be loved
8. Feeling your best

So far, here is my reflection of what I proved for each category:

1. ?
2. working with folks at nursing home and giving surprises 
3. caroling,reminding people to be positive
4. Bringing change up to things
5. helping people at nursing home, helping people around houses
6. I will donate my hair
7. Can't really prove with an experiment
8.  Changing flaws in someone's personal life, seeing weather and mood connection (will do with survey)

After reflecting on this myself, I have to prove the accomplishment and understand net (#1)
And I want to touch on every one of them a bit more. Especially helping people by reaching out to other things. Ideas that I have said in the past have not worked with each category. 
Any suggestions I can do? My goal for the rest of the project is to reach out more to different people.

On my free time, I have been researching other people's experiments on being happy. 
This website has the same idea as me with different ways people are happy. 
Yet it seems they didn't follow through with their experiments.
Also this website says what people happier people do differently. 
My categories have a lot that are in these theories. 

For my speech, I want to focus on the idea that everyone should understand that people should be more openly minded of being happy in everyday life whether it is helping someone, or just fixing yourself. Although I'm not sure yet. 

"Always laugh when you can. It's cheaper than medicine" 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy-ism post 19

So this week I have been focusing on the behavior of one person by changing my habits. I stopped and looked at my personality downfalls. I am not an organized person at all. My room is messy all the time, and papers are everywhere shoved in my backpack and locker. I started the week with a clean room to start this habit changing week. I also aimed for a goal to participate more in all my classes! Usually I am not the best person for participation. I thought about some of my happy-ism categories, and not participating would completely break some of them! So I'll see how this turns out. Will it have me do better in class? Make time go by faster? It just may. I like this idea of focusing on one persons changing of habits for the time being. Hopefully I will keep doing this experiment because it puts me into a better attitude. Also, within the topic of creating yourself, I feel people should worry less on bad things. Success comes to those who aren't worried for the result. For example, wrote this blog once and it didn't save so I had to re-do it. How frustrating. But it's ok.
I also added one more happy-ism category! It's feeling your best! Now that I added this one, everything that makes people happy falls under one category! I thought of this from the idea of the habit changing experiment. Google Docs has really been a big help with writing my book. It is so much more accessable.
I also want to do an experiment of the weather change. That one should be intresting! And it's the perfect time to because we are just coming out of winter.
The ice age is over! Which means soccer season, and a lot more sunshine. Also I can ride my bike everywhere! I love riding my bike, I feel free like I can do anything I want. Also my house is near the sunrise nursing home so I can visit there more often.
When spring comes, I want to put together a garden at a public place.
My teacher is assigning these blog posts every other week now. Yet they help me a lot with organizing my thoughts and push me to do more. So I might do a post 19 and a half to keep me going.
Wish me luck the next week, I hope for it to be a good one!
"Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself." -unknown (and being happy along the way!)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy-ism post 18

Hi again,
For this post I will be addressing quesions assigned by my teacher to reflect on my project so far.
My favorite things that have came up unexpected during my project would be to learn things for myself and truly creating my own philosophy. I have been thinking about my project a lot and even thinking a certain way can really change your way of thinking during everyday life.
If i could change anything from the begginging, it would be planning more. I honestly wish that I would have planned my project more by thinking of the experiments earlier so it would be easier to just go out and do them. My creativity really has to be spread out instead.
Yet sometimes it truly is hard to reach out to do certain things that I think of.
But I guess it's just another trait of the learning process during my Happy-ism project.
I have brought not only the experiments into planning but also just my life as well. I think more about the better and how everything is so much better than it seems. I am always very deep in thought. I think about if my life as a happy-ism category at that point. For example, today my hockey team and I played our first state playoff game. We played the second best team in the league and lost. After the game, there were tears. Some tears were from losing, some from the season over. Although I thought that we rather want to end in smiles rather than tears. I kept things positive and reminded them how far we've came and how much fun we've had together. We all need pep talks. Anything in life.
I have been doing small things that are too small to mention yet they have a big impact because to me, happiness is not something small. It can shape the lives of anyone. I want to do something big.
don't like how I have had phases where I haven't done anything worth mentioning for my experiments. That's where my regret comes in for not planning enough in the beginning. I need better connections to do something bigger. I need to look at a calendar and just do things. Also a thing I wish I would have done is write the book on the computer and not a notebook.
So thinking of that, I thought I should find a website that can hold my writings online! Google docs is what I will be using now. It will be way more accessible and I will freely write in it more! I'm so glad I thought of it by now. There are so many things to do. I really need to pick up the pace in doing the experiments each and everyday. I hope everything will run smoothly when everything is together. Although I am not close to that yet. Also I should start taking more pictures for my final presentation.
So this week, one of my things I will do will be just participating in all my classes every single day this week. I wonder if participating more creates a difference that can engage mind. What is the difference? I'll find out if its related to a happy-ism category. I'm usually not a regular participator so this should be good for me.
I'll give you an update next week with some things that I've done and things that I have found out!
Thanks and talk to you soon,
Quote of the week:
"We must enhance the light, not fight the darkness." -Aharaon David Gordon

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy-ism post 17

Hello again,
I broke into doing more things at sunrise where my grandma is staying. I have found that just being with someone can make you happy the most.
A big part of my project all along has been just thinking of happy things and how an action can effect one thing, which is something everyone needs to learn.
Also I put on a surprise birthday party for my cousin. Showing that being noticed and special can really make a change.
I emailed the contact for going to Fox News. Lets see if I can go there! That would be cool, because then I can go into an intresting environment.
I want to go to the craft store to make a visual of everything; kind of a branch off of my book.
An idea for an upcoming experiment would be buying a $5 gift card somewhere and asking the cashier to save it for someone later on in the line. It's something no one really does so I think that would be fun to see their reaction!
In my sociology class, we are learning about social norms and how people are set into doing certain things. These social norms are formed by culture we are surrounded by and human interaction. I think bad things are sometimes in effect to the social norms. It is everyone's responsibility to know their own path of thinking the right thing. We had to do an experiment for class that broke social norms. All the things that students did caused a "you're weird" reaction. Why is it so weird to be different, even when the action makes sense? My biggest problem with this project is reaching out to things that people wouldn't normally reach out to.
I wish the world was more interconnected, other than technology.
I have noticed that I want to change things in parts of the Happy-ism book. Even my definition for happy-ism has changed a bit and there has been more I want to add to it. I will continue to write it, slowly but surely!
This break really gave me a change up and a refresher, which everyone needs to be happy. One of the happy-ism categories!
Also my teacher mentioned taking pictures will help a lot for the final presentation. I should probably start taking pictures!
Until next week,

Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy-ism post 16

Hello all, 
Well the past week has not been the greatest, productive wise because I have been so busy. I am trying to make it up by writing more.  I can't wait until mid winter break when I can do something everyday. Or big things that I am talking about like going to Fox News. It has been really hard. I am doing something every minute of the day. I have been thinking about my presentation lately. How should I take it? Preaching about all my ideas would be one idea, but my teacher wants a more basic idea overviewing everything. Just a thought, but what if I made my presentation interesting by focusing on each category and possibly testing a small experiment on the audience. I can make my point then say what I need to say. It would be harder to test some categories on the audience under a small period of time though. It could be organized really well if I put in the thinking!  I just thought it would make it interesting and unique. My whole idea of my project is in the interaction of people, right? 
I learned something yesterday about typing things on the computer. I had to write a Faust legend for class, turned out to be 5 pages long. I can't work on the computer for some reason. So I had to copy the notebook page that I was writing on, and onto the computer, and it took forever!  How am I supposed to type all that I have written from my notebook and onto a document for my book?! I don't have a laptop available to use. I really have to consider the time stretch before I put my self from stressing out like I did for only a 5 page story.  
If I haven't mentioned, I want to put the book on iBooks hopefully so anyone can read it! It would be a good idea to make it cost something so I can make a final good thing to donate it somewhere for my project. But I will figure it out when I know it is worth something. It is really hard to write a book! The hardest part is just finding time! I am sorry for the unproductively this week, I have really thinking about it a lot! Thank you for your comments, it is really helping me with making decisions and even just for a confidence boost! 
Until next time!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy-ism post 15

Hi again,
This past week I have started sociology class! This class can help me be more knoledgable on the subject in my project! I am intrested in the area and so far I like the class a lot. We have learned the differences in people and how they can react to diffent things. I want to tell my teacher about what I am doing so she can know I am into what the class teaches and can possibly help me in some way. This weekend I went to Chicago with my hockey team. I told them about Happy-ism and I told them I could use some help when we go into the city to test some ideas. Throughout the city, I used a method I would like to call, "seeing the other way". By using this, I kept happy-ism in mind and I saw something around me that could be reached out to. It consists of doing little things for people. And since I was in a big city, it was more fun. For example, instead of letting a waiter or waitress do its job like they are supposed to, what if something mixed it up and the person eating there helped them a bit? Isn't that more memorable for a positive effect? Or when you see someone unfortunate on the side of the street begging for money. How can anyone feel good about themselves walking past them pretending nothing's wrong? Kindness is charity minus money. Opening your eyes more to things and considering other people before yourself can also open your heart and give you a bit of happiness. I love reading this book I own "More Random acts of kindness". Which is a series of stories from different people of random acts of kindness that makes your heart melt. Your heart melting is one of the best feelings in the world. It stands side by side to being happy. Happy-ism.
I have been writing my book here and there but I need to force myself to do more. I told my mom to remind me to write it more everyday. We all know how moms are good at reminding you about things. I keep thinking of more things to write but I need to write one section at a time.
As for the FOX news idea, (visiting the cast if FOX news and perform an experiment or just test their reaction to the job) I plan on contacting my old neighbor for the connection this week and hopefully go by the end of the week. I am still looking for something to do for testing the accomplishment category. I don't want to use examples of just normal things though. So this one should take planning. My mom wants to take me out tomorrow so maybe I can think of something to do tomorrow for more "something different"category ideas. Also I talked to her, and she said I can do something with her dance class students. Hmmm....what should I do? I am going to get everything set that I am going to do this week by tomorrow, because it is my free day early in the week.  I still have to turn in my volunteer application. Tommorrow will be my errand day also.
Hopefully this week will be even more progressive than the last.
Until next time,